The philosophy of Life of Sundays is around the feeling, the essence, of what a Sunday means to you.  

From my perspective Monday to Friday we all tend to be busy with day to day work, rushing to and fro, deadlines and combining work and daily home duties. Saturday is often the day of cleaning, shopping, cooking, kids sports, but Sunday ….ahhh. It is the day of choice. 

The day we choose to do the things that makes us happy. 

It could be going for a swim, a walk along the beach, catching up with family and friends, having a Bar-B-Que, going to a movie, kicking a ball in the park or just reading a book.  Some of my friends even choose to do a marathon.  (That’s not my choice, but isn't it wonderful that they can choose to do so.)

Of course, Sunday doesn't have to be THE day.  It’s the essence of the day, the all-important feeling you get from such a day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could Live a Life of Sundays.

I have followed many of the great life changing mentors in the world among them Anthony Robbins, John Demartini and the very lovely and wonderful Louise L. Hay.  I have been on my own journey of self-worth, self-discovery, joy, peace, fulfillment and happiness for a long time.  After gaining invaluable and life changing insights and tools from my mentors, I can truly and honestly say, Yes! I do live a Life of Sundays.I would be honoured to help you reconnect or maybe for the first time discover that wonderful person that you truly are!  I have known doubt, fear and failure, but I now understand and appreciate the power of how changing your thinking can change your life. 

Welcome on board the journey with me.  It is going to be the ride of a lifetime. Watchout Sunday is coming everyday. 

Excited? So am I!